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 Des Moines(WA)
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Hi! My Name is Tom.
+ Palm Springs, NV, United States

I Can Speak: -English-
21 February 2019

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Hi guys

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Open to new friendships as well as seeking a long term relationship. I tend to be serious, but, I can easily laugh and even cry at times. I donít smoke and rarely drink and only go out occasionally, you could say Iím a homebody. What Iím seeking is intimacy such as kissing/holding, cuddling, and open to oral either way. If any of this strikes a chord, Iíd be glad to hear from you!

LIKES: Music, food, movies, hiking, biking, swimming, camping, computers, audio, photos, and etc.

DISLIKES: Trump, crazy drivers, conspicuous consumption, tobacco smoke, other addictions, lack of hygiene, etc. Sorry, I don't find excessive piercings or tattoos particularly attractive.

QUESTION: Why all the dicks and assholes?...we all have one or know of one!

60 / 5' 7" / 185
Average to good build / brown hair and eyes
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