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Hi! My Name is Robbert.
  San DiegoCalifornia
I Can Speak: -English-Spanish-Other-
20 November 2017

1'468'100 Membears pix!

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• 5'9.
• 240 lbs.
• 4 gauge p.a.
• smoker & drinker
• brown hair and eyes


so i guess this is where i begin to describe myself in five hundred characters or less to be evaluated by total strangers. although i'd like to think that i'm not that complicated, ill tell you first hand i'm a total train wreck. If you think you have the time or patience to can handle a guy like me, try giving it a go.
Lives in San Diego but travel to Scottsdale and Miami often.

things i like:

things i dislike:
•chuck norris
•meth mouth
•miniature dogs
•stop signs


did you know...
"one out of ten sex offenders use personal ad's on dating websites to meet potential dates"

It's true... I read it on the Internet!
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