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 Falls Church(VA)
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Hi! My Name is Hugo.
  Palo AltoCalifornia
I Can Speak: -English-Spanish-
20 November 2017

1'468'100 Membears pix!

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At this moment I'm only looking for friends. I've met an amazing guy and we're getting to know each other. Not sure how destiny will work this situation out, but I do hope for the best regardless the outcome. ("Gar, you've always been a special guy to me since the day I met you" with that being said........
Not sure what to say but I stand about 5' 11" 240lbs anything you wanna know just ask, it's kinda hard to
describe how i am but i'm up for quetions. I work out at 24hrs San Carlos so a workout buddy is always welcome for extra motivation.
Se habla Español.
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