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Hi! My Name is Larry.
+ Pueblo, CO, United States

I Can Speak: -English-
17 June 2018

1'339'845 Membears pix!

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Canton, Ohio June 17 through 24th. then to Macon GA.

We are calling Rockledge home now. Looking forward to meeting people in this area. My hobbies are bears, vintage trailers, camping, kayaking, wresting and making friends. We have a variety of interest an play together at times. We do not drink to excess, no drugs or poppers and always play safe. Nothing is in stone, a mans sexiness is how he handles himself and if he can text more than one word texts. So if you are in the area, love to meet you bears and meeting you is not always about going to bed with you. I forget and leave this on and do other things, leave a message and I will get back to you. Welcome for a swim anytime.

We are an outgoing couple and enjoy good conversation and times. Feel free to say hello. No we are not bears but I do enjoy bear hugging you guys. Thanks for taking the time to read this. I wish everyone health and happiness.

If you are camping in our area, let us know, we would love to come out and set up. Don't forget to visit our beautiful Playalinda beach at the Canaveral Seashore. Big bear hugs.

5'5 and 195, uncut bottom, respect all limits and needs for privacy.

I married my partnered, I am in the dark blue shirt, Don is my spouse/partner to the right in the picture. We have a 19 year relationship so ask anything you want or need to know. We welcome friends of all ages and if agreed sometimes play together. We are more bottoms and play drugs, both tested and clear as of 6-1-15. We can host. I leave this on a lot, so leave a message and I will get back to you. I look forward to talking with you, I have made some great friends here in this site.

I am a 68 yro 5'5 200, We enjoy the company of friend, love a good sense of humor and good friendship, I playful wrestle and enjoy manly BEAR HUGS and challenge you bears to a BEAR HUG contest, I am stronger than I look, evil grin. Accept the challenge if you are man enough. :)

All of you bears looking for men, look in your local area, there are good men for friends and LTRs right under your noses.

Courtesy and kindness go a long way in my book, if you think men my age are to old, MOVE ON, there is no need for rude remarks, if you are lucky enough to live this long you will be greatly blessed by a friendly hello. Remember just because you are young, does not mean I want to get into your pants, I like a good connection with a well centered caring person, that is the sexiest trait there is. So take your attitudes elsewhere. Discretion is always respected.

Camping Linville Falls NC near Boone, July 17-July 30th. :)

Be kind to everyone. Thanks for looking in
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