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Hi! My Name is Curt.
I Can Speak: -English-
20 January 2018

1'430'723 Membears pix!

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To the guys who aren’t dressed in their profile pictures, thanks for posting, we’re all looking! What’s sexy as hell to me though, is a handsome guy with his clothes ON.

If your topic of choice is sex, that’s cool, it’s a great topic of discussion! Though the chances of us meeting are infinitely marginal, let alone dating.

I have a hard time stating a “type”. Idealistic traits might include tall and solid. But really, if you make my brain spark, you’ll be my type. My brain is uniquely wired but pretty well grounded though, so it takes more than a little static to do the trick ; )

I’m passionate about my work which is education, training, and development in the realm of early childhood. If you are into this stuff, let me know!

My sexual orientation is a trait, and truthfully, not one of my more interesting ones. It’s not a topic of conversation for me, much less a lifestyle. Pride events make me nervous, and I’ve never been to a “bear” event. If it’s your thing, cool, it’s just not mine and I’ve no interest in adopting it. Learning more about it (as any other culture or religion for that matter) yes, but no intent to participate.

I dream the suburban dream of a husband, house, 2 cars, and a kid or 2.

Just as much as staying in, I love a night on the town with mixed company. There’s nothing I like or need to do while out that needs to be protected within the walls of a gay bar or club. So 99% of the time I’m nowhere near them. That 1% is to appease a friend or two who prefer it and to keep my gay card active.

I don’t subscribe to name-tag labels (bear, cub, chub, chaser, etc.). They’re helpful in broad contexts, but no bear paw tattoos here.

I’ve only ever hooked up one time, and it was awkward, and never again. Sex is a luxury that comes with being in an organic, nurturing, growing relationship. And on that note, I LOVE luxury ; )

I love being outdoors. Fishing (amateur) and biking (just bought my first adult bike this past fall) are favorites. Hiking around Bushkill Falls is fun. Always up for a ride on the local trails…my car rack holds 3 bikes, who’s in?? Also up to new adventures in snowboarding, boating/kayaking, 4-wheeling…anyone willing to lead the way?

I believe in marriage. An “LTR” is an absurd term to me. Long-term implies an impending termination; marriage is forever. I’m so fortunate to have parents that have been happily and faithfully married for over 30 years who prove it’s possible.

Your placement on the body hair continuum does not interest me. My preferences will be washed away by a solid connection, making your placement my preference.

Music… Incubus is my core; surrounded by Staind, Deftones, Fiona Apple, Ani Difranco, Damien Rice, Ben Kenney, Fink, Boyce Avenue, Portishead, Stroke 9, Splender, Janet, 90's hiphop and R&B, Maxwell, Cold, Fuel, and a whole bunch more.
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