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 Front royal(VA)
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Hi! My Name is Eric.
I Can Speak: -English-

1'537'740 Membears pix!

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49, 5'10" 235 lbs or so red head on the outskirts of Orlando. Pierced (septum) and tattooed. Married to cub4bigbears.

Rum is good. Very very good!

What gets my attention: Beard!
What keeps my attention: Big Beard!
What loses my attention: trim/shave

Upcoming travel/events:

December 2015: Atlanta, GA for work (tentative)
January 2016: St. Augustine, FL for a long weekend with friends
February 2016: Fort Lauderdale, FL for Arno's bear cruise
April 2016: Philadelphia, PA for work
April 2016: Reston, VA for work (tentative)
June 2016: Tidal Wave Party and Cruise!
November 2016: Fort Lauderdale, FL for Chumley's bear cruise
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