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Hi! My Name is Justin.
  LA : 144 California : 10785 USA : 80878
I Can Speak: -English- |

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Ok, it looks like I have begun to blow up on quite a few blog sites around the world.

I hope you enjoy the irony that this is what Bieber will look like in 30 years.

Yes, this is my photo and it has not been altered in any way.

Looking for my Baby Baby Baby

could you be the one?

Never Say Never
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08 Mar 2015
I like You !

16 Oct 2013
You're Handsome

31 Dec 2012
Great Profile

03 Jun 2012
I like You !

06 Apr 2012
You're Cute

06 Apr 2012
Killer Smile!

26 Mar 2012
Killer Smile!

19 Dec 2011
Great Pictures !
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